Sunday, August 23, 2015

Fuel for My Fire...

I have realized that the fuel of my inner fire is partially fed by the amazing people in my life. This segment I'm sharing with you is part of a letter I wrote to a dear friend and fellow Dreamer...
'So much of my Path for the past 6 years has been this Journey through so many different Windows...the Guides have shown up in the most magical ways...some through Ceremony and some whilst I was traipsing through Europe when our paths crossed.  
And Here We Are. The same but different. Our faces no longer innocent but with hints of heartache.... No Regrets, right?  For what we have experienced always is intended to peel the layers of our armor....exposing our most wonderful treasures, the hidden parts we no longer can hide.....the Soul and Essence of our BEing and the HEARTh of our inner fires that fuel our creativity and nourish us so we can continue moving forward...because there are times when I ask... Why? Why keep going? 
Because even in this vast existence where we are but grains of sand and there's an Entire Ocean of Mystery out there, we were put Here to bring Love, Beauty, Grace and Compassion into this World.  
We are the Warriors of the Spirit and Heart.  The Swords we carry are not the conventional weapons of past times but consist of Steel that stems from our Inner Most Truth and a hilt containing the Deepest Love this Earth has ever known. 
We fight not for war but for Love and Peace.  
We dance and sing to Celebrate Who We Are.  
We Create to Nourish What We Hold Dear.  
We love for neither gain or notoriety but because it is the very essence of Who We Truly Are, the ones that Dream True.  
We, the Dreamers and Dancers, are the Magical Manifestors that roam this the hopes of meeting one another along The Way..
We Live Within the Mystery and bathe in Shadow and Light from the Heavenly Skies.. 
You Are Seen. You Are Loved. You Are Celebrated. 
Now it's your turn. Update me. :0)'