Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Silence in Fall

We followed the path as it twisted and turned, occasionally looking up to the sky...smiling in between each step.  We found this particular spot by listening to the Canyon's synchronistic silence. As the wind blew, softly caressing our cheeks, the leaves fell like twisting colorful ribbons...reminding us of the Season as we transition and reflect, preparing our minds, hearts and spirits for the shadow of Winter. We stood there entranced with this impromptu dance, 
watching with gratitude and admiration.

Our bench awaited us, a wise old grey tree with wrinkled bark and thorns.  The leaves crunched underneath our feet as we continued to watch the Great Mother unfold the scene before us. 

Earth and air, stone and stream.  The surface deceptive as hundreds of leaves floated on top, giving the illusion it is a solid path for your next steps.

We sat in silence some more, lips slightly open with awe and we dreaded the moment when it was time to leave.  The longing began to rise within me so we made a pact to return. Returning Home is bittersweet for the time away seems like an eternity.

It is here in Nature where I can release what lays heavy on my heart.  Where each beginning has no end and illusions reveal themselves to be what they truly are...

It's where Home is unbelievably close and nothing else exists.  Where the wind whispers, reminding you of the Silence in Fall and how beautiful the leaves dance....